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~ Monday, June 25 ~


Artist Highlight: Stanley Lau (2012)

“To be inspired, to inspire”

Those are the words that welcome you to Stanley Lau’s devianart. Sometimes you go and love certain kind of art just because you like it, you don’t need specifics, you don’t need a reason, you just like what your eyes are showing you and you feel compelled to give praise to it without back up. It’s just the way our minds work sometimes (well at least mine!). It’s not a matter of laziness, it’s because our senses are pleasing us. This is the way I feel looking at Staley Lau’s pieces. I don’t care about the right anatomy or the over sexualized females, my senses just tell me that Stanley’s work is beautiful, even though most of his art is posed and better suited for cover art. Whatever he draws is a instant hit for me and gets published in this blog. The big boys have taken notice of him too since his talent are always required at DC Comics, Marvel and Capcom Of America. Go to this man’s DV account, your eyes will puke rainbows!.

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